University hosts its second PhD Summer School

16th July 2018

The University of Gibraltar hosted its second PhD Summer School last weekend. The two-day event welcomed external speakers and saw our PhD students experience an intense weekend of workshops, seminars and presentations.

On Saturday, several workshops on Research Integrity and Research Ethics were led by world-renowned Dr Malcolm MacLean from the University of Gloucestershire. Followed by a lecture on Action Research hosted by Professor Wilfred Carr from the University of Sheffield, and primary supervisor to PhD student Elaine Lima. Our Saturday event culminated in a fun social BBQ to celebrate the end of the academic year.
Sunday morning saw our PhD students involved in a fun and competitive 3 minute thesis challenge, where they had to present on their projects within, you guessed it, three minutes to a panel of judges. Our judges for the event included Professor Catherine Bacheleda, Dr Malcolm MacLean, Dr Liesl Torres, Professor Clive Finlayson and the winner to last year’s completion, PhD student Stephen Warr. Congratulations goes to Tyson Holmes for his brilliantly executed presentation, completed in an incredible 2.28 minutes!

We’d like to thank those who attended and contributed to the weekend, including our PhD students; Elaine Lima, Tyson Holmes, Darren Cruz, Stephen Warr, Robert Chandler, Elisa Benozzi, Susan Blacker, Angelo Cerisola, Claire Montado and Rebecca Gabay.