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University hosts temporary Ophthalmic Clinic

6th April 2020

The University of Gibraltar’s specialist medical simulation suite at its Europa Point Campus has been transformed into a temporary Ophthalmic Clinic. The move is a result of measures to deal with COVID-19 and reduce the impact on essential medical services.

The temporary Ophthalmic Clinic at our Europa Point Campus

The simulation suite, which usually hosts BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing students, is now the temporary base for the GHA’s specialist eye team in order to minimise the impact on those needing regular treatment. The Ophthalmic Clinic is offering its intravitreal injections for patients suffering from Acute Macular Degeneration as well as seeing patients requiring urgent treatment and reviews. The move was facilitated by the University’s ICT Team who helped with the installation and ongoing needs of the office. Christian Celecia, the University’s Director of ICT said, “Our IT Team have assisted with the move and are currently supporting the GHA’s Ophthalmic Department. The incredible contribution that IT professionals are making during these unprecedented times in order to support the frontline and essential services, has too be recognised and given the credit that all working in this profession deserve.”