University Launches Series 3 Of The Gibraltar History Lecture Series

1st September 2017

The University of Gibraltar is delighted to announce the launch of its third series of the ever popular Gibraltar History Lectures.

The previous series explored topics ranging from Gibraltar’s political development to the Gorham’s Cave system, and was very well attended, invariably generating stimulating discussions after each presentation.

This third series is certain to be equally stimulating, aiming to educate and enhance knowledge on a wide range of Gibraltar-related subjects. We are grateful to the Silver Education Key Advisory Group for their advice regarding the composition of this lecture series and to the speakers who will be sharing their expertise.

The first lecture in the series will commence on Friday 15th September at 10 am, when the University will welcome Mr Anthony Pitaluga, Gibraltar National Archives Archivist, who will give a presentation on the 50th Anniversary of the Referendum.

All lectures take place on Friday mornings between 10-11am at the Conference Hall, Europa Point Campus. A complete list of the entire lecture series, with themes and dates, can be found on the poster below.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting series.