UniGib alumni to present at UK Territories Conservation Conference

The virtual event takes over 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th March 2021
3rd March 2021
Alumni from the University of Gibraltar’s Masters in Marine Science and Climate Change programme are taking part in an influential conservation conference this week hosted by the United Kingdom’s Overseas Territories Forum. The Forum exists to promote the coordinated conservation of the diverse and increasingly threatened plant and animal species and natural ecosystems across all of UK’s Overseas Territories (UKOTs) and Crown Dependencies (CDs).
Research presented includes the work on the recommendations for implementation of an Atlantic Bluefin Tuna catch-and-release programme in Gibraltar Waters by Francine Pons and the use of a fixed-point underwater camera to promote public engagement by Maïté Kesteleyn. Other presentations focus on the importance of cultural ecosystem services provided by Gibraltar’s marine environment by Luisa Haasova, and the proposed use of low-cost engineering solutions to enhance rocky intertidal biodiversity by Ken Ruiz.
The graduates will have posters of their work available to all registered participants and delegates throughout the 4-day conference and will have the opportunity to answer questions about their work at a Poster Presentation session at the end of the third day. This will represent their first foray into the world of international academia and provides a platform through which to encourage positive change and make a difference.
As well as University of Gibraltar alumni, Dr Darren Fa will also speak at the event in a session that looks at research and higher education opportunities across UK Overseas Territories.
The Hon. Professor John CortesBeacon Professor delivered the virtual event’s opening address and spoke of Gibraltar’s ongoing commitment to conservation-related activities.