University Of Gibraltar Convences The Gibraltar Libraries Forum

12th October 2015

The University of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the establishment of the Gibraltar Libraries Forum. The Forum includes nine libraries and information holding institutions: Gibraltar Botanic Gardens;  Gibraltar Garrison Library; Gibraltar Health Authority Medical Library; Gibraltar Heritage Trust ; John Mackintosh Hall Library; Gibraltar Museum; Gibraltar National Archives, Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society and the University of Gibraltar Library.

The Forum has two key goals. Firstly, it is seeking to improve access to existing collections. Partners have plans to develop a single platform for accessing resources currently housed within Gibraltar’s libraries. They are also collaborating to create a unique collection specific to Gibraltar. This involves the Forum seeking to adopt locally the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 & 2013 which will effectively make it a legal requirement that a copy of any material published on Gibraltar is deposited with the Library Forum. It will mean that the Forum would act as a legal depository in the same way as the British Library does in the UK.  The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Daniella Tilbury, explains ‘Partnerships lie at the heart of the Universities mission. I am delighted with this collaborative initiative which draws on the existing wealth of information, increases access to those researching Gibraltar’s rich heritage as well as extends our knowledge base’.



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