University Of Gibraltar Phd Programme Receives Glowing Review

23rd September 2016

The first external review of the University of Gibraltar’s PhD research programme was carried out by Professor Ros Taplin of the University of New South Wales in Australia. The overall finding of the review is that the University has taken very effective actions in relation to implementing quality management systems for its PhD programme in its first year. It also found that the University’s Academic Board and the Research and Research Degree Committee have effectively monitored and implemented PhD Programme procedures and processes, and that current PhD students’ and supervisors’ levels of satisfaction with arrangements are high.

“This is the flagship programme for the University as it helps us to attain key aspirations relating to the building of local research capability and to convening evidence-based studies on Gibraltar that capture our cultural and historical uniqueness. Some of the studies are future focused and will inform regional as well as local policy and practice across a range of sectors” (Vice-Chancellor Professor Daniella Tilbury)