University Staff

Daniella Tilbury

Daniella Tilbury

Vice-Chancellor and CEO

To contact Daniella phone  (+350) 200 71000

What is your role at the University?  I am the chief executive officer responsible for the direction of the institution. I have a duty of care to students and to ensuring the University offers them internationally respected qualifications underpinned by excellent learning and research experiences.  Bringing value to our local community, whilst promoting Gibraltar internationally, is also a key aspect of my role.  Under the guidance of the Board, I am responsible for the effective operational and financial management of the University, the wellbeing of staff as well as for the overall reputation of the University.

What do you like most about working at the University? I very much enjoy the team spirit that underpins efforts at the University as well as the diversity of backgrounds (and personalities!) of colleagues who form part of this team.

What three words best describe the University?  Ambitious, Connected, Sustainable.

What can you share about yourself which gives us an insight into your life outside of your role?  I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister and an aunty. My life outside work revolves around my family. I very much enjoy hosting the family for dinner, going on family outings or spending some quality time with my young daughter. I am reminded, almost daily, that I need to take up a sport – perhaps next year!

What is your favourite place in Gibraltar?  Without a doubt, Europa Point. I very much enjoy coming to work in the mornings and experiencing the magic of this unique spot. I cannot help but feel a sense of place when I walk down the hill and see the iconic Atlas Mountains or our lighthouse which signals the entrance to the Mediterranean.

University Staff List

Daniella Tilbury (Vice-Chancellor and CEO)
Paul Bowling (Chief Financial and Operations Officer)
Christian Camilleri (Executive and Special Projects Coordinator)
Aaron Carreras (Information and Communication Technology Officer)
Christian Celecia (Director of Information Communications and Technology)
Nadine Collado (Director of Professional Development & Short Courses)
Darren Fa (Director of Research and Partnerships)
Jason Fa (Campus and Events Manager – Operations)
Amaia Fernandez (European and International Funding Officer)
Sharon Galia (Information and Communication Technology Officer)
Louise Anne Garcia (Student Enrolment and Academic Records Officer) 

Jihane Nehhas (Administration and Coordination Officer – Executive Team)
Chloe Ramos (Professional Development Administration Officer)
Krystle Robba (Finance and Academic Records Manager)

Michelle Blagden (Welcome Desk / Administrator)
Dee Stagnetto (Welcome Desk / Administrator)