Using the Parasol Library

Opening Hours

Main Library

Main Library / Resource Centre:

The Library is open to registered students:

08:00am – 11:00pm Midnight, Monday – Saturday during term-time and until 10:00pm on Sundays.

Closed for Public and Bank Holidays.

Summer Hours:  08:00am – 08:30pm, Monday – Friday.  Weekend opening by arrangement.

Reading Room

Staffed Hours: Open when the Library Desk is staffed:

08:30am – 05:00pm  Monday – Thursday

08:30am – 04:30pm  Friday

Closed:  Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Summer Hours:  08:00am – 03:30pm, Monday – Friday (subject to confirmation each year)

Borrowing Information

Borrowing Books

Main Library / Resource Centre:

Unless a book is marked as ‘Reference Only’ all books can be borrowed by our registered students and staff.

Staffed Hours:

Borrow or return books via the Library Desk in the Reading Room


Borrow and return books via the Main Reception Desk in the Atrium.  You will need your Student ID card

Reading Room books

Reading Room (Gibraltar Repository):

 Gibraltar Repository books are all ‘Reference Only’ and cannot be borrowed.

Students and visitors can consult them during staffed hours only.

AAT Manuals (Osborne):

Back-up copies are kept in the Reading Room but can be borrowed and set aside for collection by prior arrangement.

Send an email request to:

Photocopying and Printing


Multi-function copier:

 The photocopier in the Library / Resource Centre prints out in B&W only.

Paper supplies:

If the photocopier runs out of paper, additional supplies are available from the Library Desk (during staffed hours) or the Main Reception Desk.

 Printer problems:

During office hours the IT Department are available to resolve problems with the photocopier.  If a problem occurs out-of-hours it cannot be sorted until the next working day.

Printing & emailing pdfs

Emailing a pdf instead of printing out:

 Instead of printing out a hard copy, you can send yourself a pdf (which will be in colour) to your University of Gibraltar email address instead.

Instructions are by the photocopier, or ask the Librarian for assistance.

NB: All copying (including creating pdf files) must comply with ‘fair dealing’ standards in copyright law.  In brief, that amounts to:

  • 1 chapter from a book
  • 1 article from a single issue of a journal