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80% of The University of Gibraltar Language Centre students return!

Find out why more students continue their language studies with us
19th May 2021
Did you know that over 80% of our The University of Gibraltar Language Centre students choose to continue their studies with us?
We asked some of them for their feedback, this is what they said:

“Prefiero la universidad de Gibraltar porque es muy profesional. Me gusta aprender cara-a-cara. Los profesores son inteligentes y sympaticos, Rebecca también. La facilidad es moderna. Aprendi mucho en mi clase pasado, y me gustaria continuar estudiando Espanol aqui.”

Darleyn Legaspi

“La clase es muy pequena. La calidad de los lecciones es muy bien. En total, recibes calidad por tu dinero.”

Robert Claushuis

“I wish to continue my study of the Spanish language. I enjoyed the classes and was disappointed they didn’t continue following my last course. I’m very pleased to be back, and I am enjoying the classes.”

Cathy Popham

Our one-to-one English for Specific Purpose courses are very popular, with over 80% of our students returning.

“I chose the The University of Gibraltar Language Centre because of the professional approach to language learning.”

Aleksandra Bushlina

Some of our B1 returning students had this to say:

“I returned to the second course because I think it is very good. Also, the lecturers love their jobs. I returned to the new course because it is very important for my work.”

Roberto Jimenez

“I returned to continue learning English, and I like the teaching methods.”

Pedro Rosado