Why learn English?

Learning English can benefit you in so many different ways. English is the international language of communication and business, as well as being the official language in over 50 countries worldwide.
Taking English classes can improve your job prospects both at home and abroad. Learning English is fundamental if you want to become part of the global workforce. These days, global companies insist that their employees speak good levels of English and prospective candidates are often asked questions in English during the interview process.
Learning English can also expand your educational possibilities. Most research papers in various fields including science, medicine, engineering and education are all written in English. By learning English, you could open the door to international academia.
Most of the world’s top films, books and music are in the English language. By learning English to a B1 or B2 level or above it will enable you to discover and enjoy films, books and music, widening your cultural knowledge. Think of the endless possibilities! Films you have always wanted to watch without subtitles but never been able to. Songs that you did not really understand, take on a whole new meaning.
Improving your English will also give you increased access to the internet. Think of the wide range of articles, and websites you will be able to search for! English has dominated the internet for many years and was the founding language of www. Therefore, it is not surprising that over 25% of internet users worldwide are using the English language. Why not become part of that growing number?
You could say that learning English:
  • Broadens your horizons
  • Gives you a new perspective on life and of the world
  • Increases social interaction and your ability to interact with lots of new people from different cultures.
Studies have also shown that learning a language helps the brain’s development. Learning a language helps your brain stay stronger and can even delay dementia.
Therefore, we think you will agree that learning the world’s most popular language is fundamental and could result in a more fulfilled lifestyle in our global village.
Do not delay learn English today!
Look for a class today